Thursday, August 30, 2018

Broken MosaicTiles ( Marble 1)

Seamless marble  mosaic tile textures

White marble mosaic tiles

Black and white marble mosaic tiles

White marble and green broken tiles

Green marble broken mosaic tiles

Beige, black and red marble broken tiles

Red and black  marble

Red marble mosaics

Beige/grayish marble mosaic tiles

Thursday, July 26, 2018

More - concrete pavers 1

Seamless and tileable concrete paver textures.

Standard gray herringbone pattern,  rectangle concrete pavers
covered area  : 10x10 feet,
image size 1200 x 1320 px

Standard gray herringbone pat,  concrete pavers
actual (covered)  area  : 21x10 feet (6,5 x 3,2 m)
image size : 1500 x 839 px

Red square concrete pavers
12x12" (200 x 300 mm)

Red square concrete pavers
running tiles

gray triplehex (small hexagonal pat) concrete pavers